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Your stories must have proper punctuation. They must have proper use of commas, capitalization, periods, semi-colons etc. You cannot use text language, unless the character is texting. Description doesn't have to be perfect, however there must be some sort of description. If your stories do not contain proper spelling and punctuation it will be removed.

Poor:The boy ran through the heavy rain trying not to get wet.

Good: The boy rushed through the cold streets of London. The pounded down on the city intensely. As the boy rushed home, trying not to get too wet as the storm got more aggressive. Cars drove by, wetting him even more in the process. As the boy got home, he dried himself off.


Please, try to avoid cliches. In case you didn't know, Cliches are overused typical plots in stories, movies or any other form of media. Please try to avoid cliches, they make for a boring, dull story.


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-Pornographic images

-Illegal images

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-Troll content

-Re-uploading a deleted story


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3 strikes-soft ban (1 week)

4 strikes-permanent ban